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Buying Time - 'where life is cheap' - The Film - Official Trailer.
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Buying Time - 'where life is cheap' - The Film - Official Trailer.

Its 2028 infections have become more difficult to treat and antibiotics are far less effective. Disease and viruses are mutating quicker than ever. But all is not lost Lifeline have developed a chip that is fighting back. The ‘Delta chip’ is available to everyone through the NHS and this offers some protection, or if you can afford it ‘Delta One’ is available for much better protection and the most advanced version yet ‘Delta 2’ is due to be released soon. But all is not as it seems, people are dying randomly for unknown reasons. Daniel Avery is a victim of such deaths, first his wife and then his daughter were taken from him. After some strange dreams and suspicions Daniel becomes convinced that Lifeline are not there to help everyone! Slowly he unveils some of the truth of the real story behind the Delta Programme. The idea for this film was before the pandemic but the audience will be able to relate to some of the issues raised. Filming continues throughout 2024 we are trying to raise money to help with further locations and enable us to film quicker. We are looking for backers who may be interested in coming on board as an Executive Producer. You may want to be an extra or have a line in the film. Small contributions will help with paying for locations and other similar production costs. Keep an eye on the channel for updates and a new Trailer soon. Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Andy_blithe Written by Andy Blithe (aturn films) Directed by Kris Smith (television bandits) Produced by Andy Blithe and Kris Smith


Below is a portfolio of our filming work.  Each project has a TRAILER and/or EPK for viewing and information.

poster 1575 2100.jpg

Nick Elliott - The Story So Far

Nick Elliott is a world renowned Rock Art Photographer. In this exclusive documentary we get to explore his childhood to modern day and find out what makes him tick and how his exclusive style has developed over the years.     TRAILER      EPK

military stories poster.jpg

Military Stories

Three amazing Military Stories around the time of the Second World War including a RAF Bomber Pilot who flew 31 missions including supporting the D Day landings.



Heart of a Lion Poster.jpeg

Heart of a Lion

After being brought to his knees by a breakdown, Professional Wrestler Aaron 'The Lion' Sharp is aiming to try and get back on his feet and to the top of his game. This time the battle is not just physical.  EPK


make a habit poster.jpeg

Make a Habit - Break a Habit

What happens when you take a group of people from all walks of life all with different goals apart from just one. CHANGE from bad to good habits. Some want to lose weight, feel better about themselves, gain confidence, feel fitter and make small changes.  EPK     TRAILER  


Little Hero - Teigan Smile

Short documentary about Teigan who became disabled as a result of being kissed on the lips by a family member with a cold sore and how mum and dad are now trying to raise awareness of these dangers.


new normal 1400_2100.jpg

Navigating The New Normal

In 2020 the country went into lockdown, which most people found hard or difficult. Imagine however if you had a disability. This documents how people from a disability service managed with this New Normal. EPK.    TRAILER  

poster 1575 2100.jpg

New Years Eve

A thriller about a man and a woman who arrange to meet up for a date on NYE. But one of them isn’t telling the truth on their profile. Due for release Autumn 2023.   TRAILER  

poster TRT.jpg

Andropause Myth or Reality?

Currently in Production / Filming Stage

nolimits poster 1575 2100.jpg

No Limits

5 part 30 minute series

This is the story of Simon Kindlysides (paralysed from the waist down as a result of a brain tumour) who was the first paralysed man to walk the London Marathon.     TRAILER      EPK

veganise me poster 1200 1600.jpg

Veganise Me

Veganise Me is a test of going on a plant-based diet for around 9 months. I go straight from what is seen as a healthy meat diet to a healthy vegan diet with the goal of trying to find out am I going to see any major changes.  EPK   TRAILER

poster 1575 x 2100.jpg

Seeds of Our Time

Evolving a new model for grassroots change, actively facilitating global and local change through human kindness, connectivity, playfulness and trust. Let's gather around the fire and light up the world together.   FULL FILM   EPK. 

Some of out films are available to watch on the following platforms: (VPN may be required depending on country availability)

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