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Buying Time - Feature Film.  Its 2028 infections have become more difficult to treat and antibiotics are far less effective. Disease and viruses are mutating quicker than ever. But all is not lost Lifeline have developed a chip that is fighting back. The ‘Delta chip’ is available to everyone through the NHS and this offers some protection, or if you can afford it ‘Delta One’ is available for much better protection and the most advanced version yet ‘Delta 2’ is due to be released soon. But all is not as it seems, people are dying randomly for unknown reasons.  Watch the teaser trailer. 

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New Years Eve - An awkward bachelor meets a seductive woman online and arranges a date on New Year's Eve. Be careful who you swipe right!

You can view the work of aturn films on YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Tubi, Roku, Popsy on Plex, plus a variety of other independent VOD channels.

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