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About Me

Actor, Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Filmmaker and Storyteller. 

Born in Chesterfield in Derbyshire I became involved in filmmaking around 10 years ago after my previous life in the Military and the Police Service. I have a Masters in Documentary Filmmaking and am passionate about telling stories through the use of the filmmaking medium. 


At aturn films we have the quality and the contacts to produce eye catching and engaging video content at an affordable price. I have worked closely with the likes of Nick Elliott recently to produce a collection of music videos for Simon Collins and Kelly Nordstrom. 

A professional spotlight registered actor - check out my latest showreel.

"The acting by the cast, particularly Andy Blithe and Mark Wells, is superb. Blithe dives into the role of his life with ease and manages to steal the entire film."

TMFF Film Festival

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